An organized bag to help you crush your workout

The Haven Duffel optimizes access to your gear before, during, and after your workout. So you can focus in and crush your toughest workouts. 

The Duffel details

Organized Compartments

Organized gear means you don't have to dig for the next piece you need. Avoid the pit of doom in your current gym bag. Just grab what you need and get back to class. 

Shoes + Small Stuff Storage

A completely separate and vented area for your shoes. Easier to access than any other bag. We added a structured box around them, and utilized the space above it to organize all those little things that get lost.


We added vents on both sides of the bag and in the shoe compartment to help your gear dry out and keep your bag smelling fresh. 

Premium Materials

Beyond military spec - this bag is bomb proof. We went over the top with the fabric (1680D Ballistic Nylon), YKK zippers, all metal hardware, and ripstop interior.

Athlete Reactions

When you open it up you know exactly where everything is


I actually really like the shoe compartment, and it has mesh so it will air out!


It even fits my lever belt!


How does the presale work?

 Pre-order the Haven Duffel now before it sells out! 

2. We get right to work manufacturing this first run

3. We’ll keep you up to date on everything that’s happening, and answer all your questions 

4. Production takes about 10 weeks and we’ll ship it to you as fast as possible (see more below about fulfilllment)

Fulfillment (When do you get your bag?)

We're working with our factory on the timeline as we speak. It's currently Chinese New Year and everything is shut down. Once they start back up, we'll get our order in, and then it will take around 10 weeks to produce it. We'll keep you up to date on the process and the timeline. This is why we're discounting the bag so heavily to start. 

Warranty + Returns

We don't have this specifically laid out yet. But for now, we're going with the "good human" policy. 

If you're not happy for any reason, you can return your product for a full refund. 

If something breaks that shouldn't have, we'll replace it. 

Once we have a specific warranty - it will apply to all former purchases.


Hit our live chat button in the corner or send em' over on any of our social media accounts (linked below) and we'd be happy to help.