Nov 27 Order Update!

Nov 27 Order Update!

Hello everyone! 

We were waiting for something a little more concrete but want to get you the latest update. 

We're still on track! The factory opened back up in October like we expected and manufacturing will be wrapped up shortly. 

Over the last three weeks we've worked on nailing down shipping and it's a lot like the wild west out here. Ships are available and then they aren't. They can pick up cargo within 5 days or within 4 weeks. They can cost $16,000 per container or $25,000. But we’re on top of it! 

In the next week or so we should have this finalized. It will take ~40 days to get from Vietnam to the USA. 

We're shipping to NYC instead of LA to avoid the mess at the LA port. This will save us waiting an additional 30 days. 

Things at this scale don't work as easy as ordering two day shipping from Amazon (obviously). There are a heap of factors involved that all add days, not just hours, to the shipment; Picking up the cargo, shipping, dropping off, trucking to warehouse, loading into warehouse, loading orders, printing labels, and then finally shipping to you.

This means that we're targeting February for delivery. Once the cargo is picked up and we have clarity on the delivery date we’ll send another update.

We have two different presale timelines: 

  • Large bag orders placed before August 7th and all small bag orders placed anytime are expected to deliver in February
  • Large bag orders on or after August 7th, are expected to deliver in May 

We’ll also start double checking your shipping addresses. Feel free to send any changes ahead of time. 

Feel free to contact us at any point to ask questions via email or instagram. You can also check the website for the latest update under “Order Updates & FAQ.”

Thanks again, we’re so grateful for your patience and super excited to get these bags in your hands!

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