What's a presale?

Are you familiar with a Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Crowdfunding? It's basically that.

A presale is how we're currently selling our product. It means that you pay for the product (usually at a discount) and then we go make the product, and then we deliver the product to you.

Doing a presale lets us reduce the price to you by reducing the price for us.

As a small company, buying custom products like ours ahead of time is seriously expensive from the initial order, to storing the product, shipping the product and everything else. Running a presale is also more environmentally friendly, which is one of our pledges.  

How does the presale work?

1. Pre-order one of the Haven Duffels starting on Feb 24th
2. We keep you up to date as we manufacture the bags. We've done this before, no worries 🤙
UPDATE! May 5th we started manufacturing. bags will be in stock by August 😎
3. We ship the worlds most organized gym bag right to your door. 

    When do I get my bag?

    Once we place the order, it usually takes about three months to manufacture, and then another month to ship from our factory to your door. 

    If things go extraordinarily well, we may be able to make this quicker.  

    We're expecting to get the duffels to you around August. We'll keep you up to date along the way! 

    UPDATE! May 5th we started manufacturing. bags will be in stock by August 😎

    How long will this take? 

    Production takes about 10 weeks and we’ll ship it to you as fast as possible (see more below about fulfillment)

    Is this risky? 

    In short, no. This is our second time doing a presale, so we've worked out most of the kinks, and have found better ways to manufacture and ship products. If anything goes horribly wrong, we will cancel the presale and return everyone's money, full stop. 

    What is the warranty + return policy?

    Each Haven Duffel comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Anything that breaks that's not due to wear and tear is covered. (We don't anticipate anything breaking). 

    Beyond that, we're going with the "good human" policy. If you're not happy for any reason, you can return your product for a full refund. If something breaks that shouldn't have, we'll replace it. 

    Which size duffel is right for me? 

    Our larger size is exactly that. Large. If you have a lot of gear, this is the bag for you. One of our founders always carries these things in his large bag:

    • Two pairs of shoes
    • Jump rope
    • Knee sleeves
    • Weight belt 
    • Chalk 
    • Wrist Wraps 
    • Gymnastic Grips
    • Extra shirt 
    • Tape 
    • Water bottle 
    • Other small bits and bobs 

    If you only carry one pair of shoes and a smaller amount of gear, the small size would be perfect for you.