Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down

- The Fresh Prince

Okay so our story isn't like that at all. 

We set out on a course to figure this out and have done so for 5 years now. 

Haven Athletic is more than the most organized gym bag ever. 

This is what we're about 

Haven is your home base. Your touchpoint. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a season of calm or storm, you know how to center yourself. You’ve found a place where you can hone your skills and find shelter from the weather. You’re taking ownership and making this space a home. But this is all part of your plan. Beyond comfort, this sanctuary is a tool for growth. Beyond safety, this refuge is a springboard for your travels. 

For a lot of us, that place is the gym. This was the idea behind organizing your gear to make the entire scope of your workout, from getting ready, to checking your gear, to grabbing the things you need during your workout, smoother. 

Why we made it 

Regular gym bags suck, the Haven Duffel is organized

Because gym bags suck.

We were tired of losing our gear, digging for gear, and in general being frustrated by duffel bags that haven’t changed since the 80s. 

It’s about improving your workout focus & flow.  

When your gear is organized, you can be clear and focused on your workout. Nothing in the way of your mental clarity and the job you are at the gym to do. 

We're a scrappy group of founders


We initially had no idea what we were doing. And we dove in head first to figure it out and launch our first presale in 2020, right as Covid hit (it still went great, minus some delays). 

We created a second product and launched our second presale that we're wrapping up in early 2022. It was 18x the size of our first! 

We will continue pre-selling for the first half of this year while we wait for a large order to arrive, and then we will start operating more "normally." 

We are Climate Neutral Certified

Haven Athletic is Climate Neutral certified and has a net zero impact on the environment.

Which means we have a net-zero impact on the environment. We are fully committed to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint.

You can see more about that here. 

That’s us, and this is what we make. We hope it’s what you’ve been looking for. 



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