Finding the Best Protein Shaker Bottle in 2022

Finding the Best Protein Shaker Bottle in 2022

Are you an avid gym-goer? Are you someone looking to improve your nutrition regime? Then finding the perfect protein shaker bottle is a must.

Shaker bottles, also referred to as shaker cups, blender bottles, and protein shakers, are more than just plastic bottles you drink from. Owning a quality shaker bottle will have you looking forward to meal replacement shakes or diet supplements like your pre-workout and post-workout protein shakes.

Below we will discuss why all athletes need a protein shaker bottle, what makes a quality protein shaker bottle, things to avoid when purchasing one, and reputable shaker bottles that every gym-goer will love.


Do Shaker Bottles Work for Protein Powder?

Shaker bottles or shaker cups are used for more than just mixing up your whey protein or vegan protein powders. With shaker bottles, you can also mix up things like creatine, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), smoothies, electrolyte blends, or other powder-like substances that are essential to your health and fitness.

Shaker bottles use specific mechanisms to successfully blend up all the ingredients without leaving any clumps. There are multiple blending mechanisms used to blend powders like a mixing ball, an agitator, a blender ball, or a wire shaker ball.


Do You Need a Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes?

If you are serious about your fitness and health, then a shaker bottle is something you should invest in. Our bodies require protein to function properly, especially when we are looking to grow and maintain muscles. To maximize the returns on your hard work at the gym, a shaker bottle is a terrific way to get your protein intake anywhere with a simple shake & go method.


What Should You Look for in a Protein Shaker Bottle?

Believe it or not, there are many things to consider when purchasing a good-quality shaker bottle. Below are different features to consider when investing in a shaker bottle.



Shaker bottles or shaker cups typically range in sizes from 12oz to 24oz, though there are giant protein shaker bottles that are big enough to hold up to 42oz if you need them. Before purchasing the shaker bottle that best fits you, you should consider how much protein powder or other supplements you will need to drink in one sitting.

Also, make sure whatever size you get is easily portable and that it has its own spot in your organized gym bag.



Material is a key factor when investing in a shaker cup. To avoid replacing your shaker often, look for brands that use durable materials.Β 

You also want to make sure your bottle is made from non-toxic materials. Look for bottles made from BPA-free plastic, metal, or glass. You also want to look for shaker bottles with odor-resistant components and dishwasher-safe components.

Metal and glass shaker bottles are typically easier to clean than plastic shaker bottles and are often less likely to have an odor. Stainless steel shaker bottles are also easy to clean and are perfect for those who enjoy keeping their liquids cold.


Leak-Proof Design

Be sure to look for shaker bottles with a leak-proof lid design. You want to ensure that it does not leak while being transported in your Haven Athletic Duffel Gym Bag. You also don’t want your liquids to leak while shaking and mixing the ingredients.

A way to make sure you are purchasing the right shaker bottle with a leak-proof design is to look at ratings from websites.


Blending Mechanism

The blending mechanism is an essential part of your blender bottle. The blending mechanism must be effective enough to mix any powders into a liquid base.

There are many different blending mechanisms ranging from metal or plastic whisk-like balls to solid silicone pieces that efficiently break up clumps.Β 

Some blender bottles even have screen-like agitators that are also proven to be effective for protein mixes.Β 

Stainless steel balls are odor-free and easy to hand wash. When choosing your blending mechanism, it comes down to your own personal preference.


Additional Features

Shaker bottles sometimes come with additional features. For example, some may have small additional storage compartments to hold protein supplements, act as pill organizers, or store extra snacks.

You should also consider if you need your shaker bottle to have a carrying loop, wide mouth, or cup-holder-friendly bottom.


Best Shaker Bottles in 2022

Below is a list of the best protein shaker bottles of 2022:Β 

  • Blender Bottle Radian Stainless Steel Shaker Cup: This blender bottle has many features, including a leak-proof design. Blender Bottle Radian is BPA and phthalate-free. It is also stain and odor resistant and offers a wide mouth to accommodate oversized scoops. This bottle also features a detachable carrying loop that provides convenience for attaching your keys or hooking the bottle to the side of your gym bag.

  • Blender Bottle ProStak: This shaker is durable and leak-proof with interlocking storage containers that make it easier to carry snacks or nutritional supplements while on the go. The Blender Bottle Prostak uses a blender ball wire whisk as its blending mechanism.

  • Blender Bottle Classic: This shaker cup offers a patented mixing system and rounded base. This shaker cup also has measurement markings for easy mixing and is dishwasher-safe.

  • Ice Shaker: The Ice Shaker’s design stands out due to some unique features. There’s a twist-off agitator feature to infuse your drinks with fruit, as well as extra insulation to keep your drinks super cold.
  • Helimix Shaker Bottle: Helimix is made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher-safe. The hexagonal design acts as a vortex, with no need for a blending ball and no loud rattling noises. This odor-resistant bottle ensures no clumps are left after mixing and is of superior quality.

Other reputable shaker bottle brands are Hydra Cup, Shakespeare Tumbler, Strada Tritan Shaker Cup, and Promixx Shaker Bottles.


In Summary

Whether you are looking for a cup to hold your workout drinks, protein powders, weight loss supplements, meal replacements, or simply looking for a reliable water bottle for hydration, then a shaker bottle is something you want to highly consider adding to your gym bag.



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