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Small Duffel

Sale price$329.00 Regular price$379.00
Save $50.00

Optimized Storage From The Home To The Gym

A bag that works as hard as you do. Vented compartments keep things aired out and the shoe garage™️ keeps your shoes separated.

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3 Reasons why athletes can’t train without THIS DUFFEL

Less stress, more reps

No more time wasted on digging for that one piece of gear! Use the small and big compartments to nicely organize everything so you can keep your gym goals alive.

We’re here for the marathon(& your sprints)

Durable, high quality fabrics designed to last a long time. Meet the bag you can actually count on for more than just a few workouts.

Strong bag for a stronger you

Don’t worry, it won’t fold or slump. Intentionally designed to be collapse-proof so all your gear is in plain sight when you open it.

Say goodbye to your old bag






Y’all got the best, most easily organized bags out there. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to a basic old gym bag.

— Colts’ Long Snapper


I get such anxiety and frustrated when I can't find things in my bag when at the gym. This fixes all of that!

— Passionate Customer


It feels like one of those zen satisfaction videos, like, I’m just super calm and not worried about my gear.

— Regional Crossfit Games Athlete


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