🎉 $50,000 Presale and Going Strong! 📈

🎉 $50,000 Presale and Going Strong! 📈
Haven Athletic Sells $50,000 of organized bags during presale

Today marks a monumental day for us, we just hit $50,000 in sales!
(Thanks to Joseph for putting us over the edge) 

We couldn't be more grateful to the humble beginnings of a community around us that are completely fed up with how much gym bags suck.

To everyone who has purchased so far these last ~2 months, THANK YOU. 

This is hard, you keep us going. 

Join everyone and grab your bag here. 

Every day we get email replies, and it pumps us up to keep hustling in the few hours we have outside of our 9-5 jobs. 

Haven Athletic Organized Gym Bag Customer Reviews
We know we're striking a chord. Beyond an organized bag, this is about giving the bag its due in the fitness community.

It's as critical of a piece of gear as everything else you carry in it, and it's time to fix this imbalance. 

Your bag is a critical piece of gear

If you're a serious athlete you should put your gear in something that was intentionally made for it.

A bag that is made of the best materials and designed to manage all of your gear. 

This critical piece of gear is so much more than just that. It's a part of your routine. It's one part of an ecosystem of success in the gym. For some, it's the missing piece. For others, it's no more digging for gear.

Beyond looking for organization, this is the edge that you haven't explored yet. We know, because every damn bag is the same.

Organized gear isn't just organized gear. 

It's a clear mind. 

It's a focused mind. 

It's a ready mind. 

Why the update? 

This is a part of building in public. We're bringing you along for the ride. If we were running a Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you would see all this information. 

We opt'd out of that and decided to run this ourselves without all of the agency help and advertising boosts that come from the plethora of companies that help skyrocket the largest campaigns to $1M plus. 

We did this on our own. If you see an ad, it's because we created it and set it up. If you see an instagram, it's because we created it and posted it. 

We created the best damn bag the world has ever seen. Then we created a smaller version of it. 

This is for you, gear nerd, athlete, fitness enthusiast. It's time to level up, and this is the step you need to take. 

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