June Shipping Update: On a boat!

June Shipping Update: On a boat!

Fam - It's happening! We're so excited to send this update with a clearer delivery timeline.

Landing in July

We loaded the first container of bags on a ship last week! It takes about 30 days to get to the US then a few days to get to our warehouse.

The ship is expected to arrive close to July 5th and will take a couple days to turnaround at our warehouse. This is later than our last update expecting a June delivery; and we know that's frustrating.

Everyone who has waited with us for a long time, we're so grateful. We literally wouldn't be able to do this without your grace and patience with us.

Small delays can compound to us missing the June window we were aiming for, and as a small company we don't get preference in some of these situations.

We are building something different. Something better. Something intentional. A bag that has never been made before and a company that is bent on helping athletes organize and focus.

Confirming Your Address + Next Steps

If you're waiting on your order you should have received a confirmation email with your shipping address. As we get closer expect to see another confirmation email before we ship it out.

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