Workout Accessories Every Gym Bag Should Have

Workout Accessories Every Gym Bag Should Have

Going to the gym without a gym bag is like going to the beach without a swimsuit. You are free to do it, but you wonโ€™t be getting the best possible experience. When you go to the gym, you want to push yourself to do your best and reach your goals, but how can you do that if your gym bag doesnโ€™t have everything you need?ย 

When it comes to general gym training or CrossFit workouts, some tools should always be in your gym bag โ€” from CrossFit-specific gear to run-of-the-mill gym items.ย 

Here are the workout accessories you should keep in your gym bag.


The Gym Basics

No matter what you are going to the gym to do, you should make sure to have a few essentials on hand.


A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is equally essential for strength training as it is for doing yoga or running long distances. You should never go to the gym without bringing your water bottle, even if you only plan to stretch or get a light workout in.ย 

If you donโ€™t drink enough water, you will see diminishing returns in strength and endurance as your hydration level decreases. Keeping yourself hydrated is especially important when it comes to high-intensity workouts like CrossFit.ย 

You can also mix your water with whatever supplements you prefer to take when working out. In doing so, you get the best of both worlds. You are drinking your recommended amount of water, and you can give yourself a nutritional head start.ย 


Workout Shoes

Few investments are more worthwhile than a solid pair of workout shoes, so make sure you arenโ€™t skimping on your footwear. You should also tailor your shoes to the type of workout you plan to do. Shoes for running are very different from the shoes you would use for heavy lifting, and you donโ€™t want to settle for shoes that donโ€™t fit your workout.ย 

Exercise programs like CrossFit require you to go from rope climbs to heavy cleans on a dime, demanding a lot from your body and your shoes. You shouldnโ€™t be walking into the gym and starting your workout with your office shoes on. Make sure you know what workout shoes are right for you and that they are on hand to change the moment you step into the locker room.ย 


A Towel

When you hit the gym, youโ€™re sure to be losing some water in the form of sweat โ€” which means a towl is all-important. It's good gym etiquette to avoid being too sweaty whenever you need to lay on something or put your back against a machine. Bring your own towel to help keep the facilities clean.ย 

Itโ€™s also more hygienic to use your own towel as opposed to a gym-provided towel. With your own towel, you can avoid spreading your germs and prevent exposing yourself to other peopleโ€™s germs.

It is worth noting that it is NOT hygienic to use the towel you use on your body to clean machinery. Use gym-provided towels or wipes for that.ย 


CrossFit Accessories

Now that you know what you should bring to the gym in general, we can start talking about what you need for CrossFit specifically. CrossFit is a breed of its own, with many specialized tools that make the experience as productive as possible.


Speed Rope

The jump rope is one of the core aspects of CrossFit. Many WODs or Workouts of the Day, will involve a jump rope, so you should make sure you have your own.ย 

Your rope should match your height and is weighted to your needs. The type of handle, material, and length might all be unique to you, so youโ€™re doing yourself a disservice if you just grab a rope off the shelf at the gym.ย 


Gloves or Grips

In CrossFit, youโ€™ll be doing deadlifts, kettlebells, snatches, and other moves that involve weights you grab by a handle. While calluses can be a mark of pride, you need to keep your hands healthy so you donโ€™t injure yourself.ย 

Lifting gloves work for many of these exercises, but you can also pick up grips that are made specifically for CrossFit. Look for gloves that let you maintain a high level of mobility while protecting your hands when you carry heavy weight.ย 


Foam Roller

Preparation and cool down are just as important as the workout itself. You donโ€™t want to wear out your muscles, especially when you are doing something as intensive as CrossFit.ย 

A foam roller can relax your muscles and help ease muscle pain. This makes it a great tool to have on deck, not just waiting for you at home. A foam roller can even put you back in the game if you find yourself having muscle issues in the middle of a workout.ย 



Your gym bag is unique to you, but nearly everyone could get some use out of the above accessories. If CrossFit is your game, make sure to bring your grips and your jump rope, along with your towel and your water bottle.

To bring all your gear to the gym, youโ€™ll need a gym bag that can handle as much as you can, like one from Haven Athletic.ย 

They offer superior storage and organization, so not only can you fit all your gym essentials, but you can find them easily without disrupting your workout or having to make a trip back to your car. Plus, Haven Athletic duffels come in large and small sizes, so you can choose whatever best suits your needs.

If going to the gym is an essential part of your daily life, make sure you are giving yourself the tools you need to succeed.ย 




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